Monday, December 18, 2006

What's In A Name 2 ?

Yesterday was the first time I was in synagogue since my father died almost four years ago. I never saw the memorial plaque that I had Uncle Hy put up for him. A nice touch that he included my father's nickname of Bud. I have to find out how he got that (bud for buddy I guess). Notice the naming ritual described in the previous post. It seems that even my grandmother Anna got stuck with her father's name of David as her middle name! Anna was one tough customer. Not only did she beat out my other grandmother, Dora, for the rights to naming me (my grandfather Louis had also expired before I was born) but she didn't allow me to have the middle name of Louis. The next born in the family, cousin Lois, was named for him. My father once told me that this whole Romaniote tradition of naming after father's caused great him great dismay. For a while his name was listed in school as Solomon Solomon.

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