Monday, December 11, 2006

From The Archives

Recently rediscovered in a remote hard drive. Taken by me sometime in 1970-3 (?). I even developed and printed it myself. I got these great seats from my "Aunt Florence's" Wall Street honcho brother Arthur Crames. I inadvertently captured my childhood doctor, M. Richard Altchek (circled). He became the team physician of the Knicks. A LES boy, he grew up with my father. Sadly he died in his early 50's from leukemia. That's Reed, Debusschere, and Frazier fighting for the rebound. Mendy Rudolph is the referree. I believe the opposing team was the Baltimore Bullets.

A search of the NBA archives and with some trial and error detective work I figured that this game took place on January 29. 1970. The score was 127-106 in favor of the Knicks. The opponent was the Pistons and the Piston players are Otto Moore and Jimmy Walker. After that win the Knicks were 43-11. Those were the days!

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