Saturday, December 23, 2006

Diaz Y DeStefano

It's somewhat amazing how the Diaz Y Flores post should flow into this. I don't recall what surfing of the net landed me news of another Diaz. It's also somewhat confusing to figure out what's happening in the Las Cruces Public Schools in Florida. A lot of good and honest educational reporting from shows that another member of the good old boys-girls "syndicate" has resurfaced in Las Crucas, Florida after leaving Miami, before being bounced from Bridgeport and before that the Lower East Side. Guess who she hired as part of her staff, Frank DeStefano. The hairdo is the same, the face ?
SUSAN SILVERS BRIDGEPORT — Barely six months after she was hired as a deputy superintendent in Miami, former Bridgeport Supt. of Schools Sonia Diaz Salcedo is packing it in. Salcedo said in a telephone interview last week she will resign from the Miami-Dade public school district effective June 30.
"I really want to go back to the superintendency," said Salcedo, an unsuccessful finalist for the superintendent's job in the Hillsborough school district near Tampa, Fla., last month.
But, she said, her job search for public school posts in Florida would be hindered because all applicants' names are disclosed.
Salcedo was hired Dec. 14 in Miami, two days after she reached a buyout agreement with Bridgeport's Board of Education. "I just need to take some time off," she added.
Salcedo, who was paid $125,000 for the remainder of her Bridgeport contract through June 30, was also paid an annual Miami salary of $185,000 — $13,000 more than her full Bridgeport salary. She said the Miami job working under Rudy Crew, the former New York school chancellor, was not what she expected.

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