Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Heave Aweigh 6

The archeaology slide show (made from the display at the 9th Precinct on Avenue C) mentions several families who lived at 365 E. 9th Street. They are the Roths, Eagins, Mckeons, and Sonneks. I looked them up in the federal census' of 1860-1900. The above comes from a section of the 1880 census for that portion of 9th Street. A great project that could involve primary document research, math and technology would be to take the reports from the neighboring blocks and survey the ages, country origins and jobs of those residents. Excel and Graphing could be employed. Who am I kidding? Not in this tech unfriendly climate.


David Bellel said...

Barbara Scott at PS 64 does a fine job of technology integration

Anonymous said...

I know some teachers at a nearby school who only want to use canned programs like "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego" and programmed fluency apps.