Friday, December 22, 2006

Alright, Listen Up! Front And Center: Doberman, Paparelli, Ridzik, Henshaw, Fender

The Chancellor announced the hiring of his former Clinton Admin Pal and failed public education killer (Edison) head, Christopher Cerf. I smell a conspiracy here that's consistent with the new push coming for vocational ed
Panel: Revamp U.S. high schools Experts call for 10th-grade test By Lori Olszewski and Diane Rado
Tribune staff reporter Published December 15, 2006
Most high school students could leave after their sophomore year and go to community college or vocational training under a proposal endorsed by a prestigious panel on Thursday.
The report from the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce touches on all aspects of education, but some of its most unusual proposals would end America's four-year high school and replace it with a more European-style model.
The plan is one of the most expansive educational proposals to surface at a time when federal officials are encouraging experimentation in the nation's school districts to help boost high school graduation rates and help Americans better compete with foreign workers. Unlike many education reports, this one is supported by several respected education leaders, including former U.S. Secretaries of Education Richard W. Riley and Roderick Paige. Riley served a Democrat; Paige served a Republican.
Rather than requiring students to remain in high school for four years, the report proposes a rigorous 10th-grade test that would allow those who pass to leave school two years early, which proponents say could help reduce the dropout rate, among other positive effects. They could then go on to technical or vocational training or academic work in preparation for a four-year institution.
The juniors and seniors left in high school would either be teens in remedial classes working to pass the exam or youngsters who chose to stay and pursue challenging academic work so they could attend elite institutions.

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