Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lost In The Bronx: Talie V

After I picked up Talie I mapped out in my mind a travel itinerary. We would head over to the University Heights area to locate the house on Loring Place that my adopted Aunt Florence (my mother's best friend) lived in. I had just remembered that street name when inadvertently being lost by it two weeks ago in a detour I took to avoid Thanksgiving traffic upstate. Then we would go to Riverdale to a nice diner for lunch. The only thing was the usually reliable "map in my head" wasn't working. I'm not too familiar with the Bronx. The picture has my meanderings. The red has the first part of the trip. We never made it to Riverdale. The green has my dumb return trip by parkway instead of the streets. Talie played a gentler version of my father in his criticism of my driving. While lost I pulled over and had Talie call my Aunt Lilly. This is what happens when you get old. Here's a slide show of the whole experience.

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