Sunday, August 07, 2005

PS 110: Viewed From Above Using Oasis Mapping

I used to think oasis maps, from, were "the bomb." That was before google maps came along. In this slide show we used photoshop to point out some of relevant points of interest surrounding the PS110 area.

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on the slideshow, The item #7 indicating 500 Grand, Hillman Houses, is actually placed over 504 Grand, Amalgamated Houses (1929, Springsteen), the first coop development in the area. 500 Grand is the building to the left. 530 Grand, to the right is also part of Hillman Houses.

On the subsequent slide, Item #5 is listed as Samuel Gompers Houses. This is actually Bernard Baruch Houses, located between Columbia Street and the FDR Drive and between Delancey Street North and Houston Street. Gompers Houses are located on Pitt Street, between Delancey and Stanton Streets

Thanks for the informative tour.