Monday, August 15, 2005

Dr. Paul Ringel: NYTimes, 1969

The previous post showed the Tompkins Square area circa 1900. One spot that was not noted was a buildng on the NE corner of 9th Street and First Avenue. On it's rooftop was a number "23." This must have been the spot of PS23, which was later replaced by PS 122. PS122 was closed in the 70's, but the building remains as an art's and cultural center. Here's part of an article from my archives of my ex-boss tutoring a child in the Tompkins Square Library in 1969. As always, he displayed that silver tongue of eloquence. There's an insert from the old map circling the location of PS23/122. For the full article, click here.


delfin1 said...

I wonder if you would indulge me for a moment and answer the following question...

Is this NY Times article about the same Dr. Paul Ringel who helped tutor students in Alphabet City into the 1980's as well? If so, I'd be very curious and honored to make his acquaintance once again. If I have the right guy, please reply, as I am a former student that would like to thank him in person for changing the course of my life.

Even if you could quickly confirm if the below info is still current, I'll do the rest myself and surprise him. :)

Thanks in advance for your help.


Perused through your blog, it's been a refreshing and enlightening read. Thanks for posting.

David Bellel said...

yes it is and yes he's a wonderful guy

Alex Michael Bonnici said...

I was one of his students in the 5th grade in P.S. 122 in New York City back in the early 70s. I eventually became a Physics teacher at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School in 1995. I now teach physics for students working towards their IB Diploma. He was a fabulous teacher and has a major influence in on my life.

Alex Michael Bonnici