Thursday, August 11, 2005

A World Of Communities: Excellent Social Studies Text

We have these in the school. Very appropriate for 3rd grade. Very good in approaching the broad themes and strands discussed before and those that Maggie will probably talk about over the year. Thomson Gale is the publisher, Blackbirch Press imprint. They also have pretty good online resources (galegroup). Here's a slide show on India. From the Publisher: A World of Communities is designed to meet the most common curriculum standards for elementary students in world history, geography, and economics. The text and activity book integrate numerous skill-building elements in the areas of mapreading and geographical literacy, interpretation of visual information, understanding and appreciating literature, multicultural and tolerance studies, history, and reading strategies.
Key themes and concepts include:
* Understanding the physical world around usUnderstanding the relationship between topography and how people live and work
* Understanding what a community is and how it functions
* Understanding and appreciating different communities
* Understanding and appreciating different cultures
* Understanding and appreciating individuals as part of a larger culture
* Comparing other cultures and communities to one's own
* Understanding how cooperation and conflict affect people
Chapters include:
* Chapter 1: INDIA (Bombay)
* Chapter 2: CHINA (Guangzhou)
* Chapter 3: RUSSIA (Moscow)
* Chapter 4: SOUTH AFRICA (Johannesburg)
* Chapter 5: ISRAEL (Jerusalem)
* Chapter 6: ENGLAND (London)
* Chapter 7: PUERTO RICO (San Juan)
* Chapter 8: ST. VINCENT and the Grenadines

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