Thursday, August 11, 2005

History In The News

I was in Providence last weekend and was startled to learn that last Monday was a state holiday.From wikipedia: "V-J Day is now sometimes referred to as V-P Day (Victory in the Pacific Day) to bring it in line with V-E Day where the major enemy power, Germany, was not singled out in the way V-J Day did to Japan. However, since no other power was an Axis belligerent in the Pacific, such alteration of nomenclature seems unnecessary to many.In the United States V-J Day is commemorated on August 14 since the news of the surrender broke on that date in the US time zones.V-J Day is still a state holiday in Rhode Island. The holiday's official name is "Victory Day", and it is observed on the second Monday of August." It's startling because last Monday just happened to be sandwiched between the dates that two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. On a brighter note, today marked the installation of a statue in Times Square commemorating the famous VJ Day kiss. A lot of controversy surrounds the actual participants. Scientists seem to be positive about who the sailor was, but a closer look at the photo leaves some doubt. Here's a slide show with more info. Synchronicity!-both the Sullivans and Bunker Hill are mentioned.

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That is a thoroughly strange-looking statue.