Thursday, August 18, 2005

The House I Live In: Jack's House

There was a funeral home on Coney Island Avenue named Jack Yablokoff. Nuff said. This is great for early gades. The limerick comes from the enchanted learning site (a great resource-I sprung for a membership). Here's a slide show with the limerick and parts of the Simm's Taback book. A review: "From School Library Journal PreSchool-Grade 2-Taback is very, very clever. He takes the house element of the story literally by turning the endpapers and back cover into newspaper advertisements, offering real estate and tools to fix a house. The adventure inside is downright hilarious. "This is the cheese that lay in the house" elicits an entire page on which various cheeses are not only named but also labeled as to their aroma or lack of it. Every page contains a variety of tongue-in-cheek references that may go over the heads of some kids but those who get them will love them. The illustrator creates additional drama with strong color. He uses stark black backgrounds for the house painted in bright jewel tones. Dark colors, such as navy and deep green, lay the groundwork for each of the characters. The rat, the cat, the dog, etc., all have their own pages and their names are formed by letters cut from newspapers. Children will love this book, and it's a natural for storyhour. This is the version every library should have."

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