Sunday, August 14, 2005

Candlewick Press Historical Newspapers

Here's another publisher that does historical era newspapers. I've found Candlewick's titles to be very good. Here's a review:From School Library Journal Grade 5 Up. "Browsable reads to whet the appetite. The "editors" (authors) of these two volumes have hit upon a unifying theme to chronicle the accomplishments of the ancients?a newspaper style. The Roman News and The Greek News are not exactly major city dailies; their format is more suggestive of a news magazine or at least a Sunday section highlighting fashion, sports, trade, food, and the military. Each page presents readable articles complete with headlines, boldface, column breaks, illustrations, and, often classifieds: instruments for sale; racing chariots built to order; reusable wax tablets. The front page (book cover) suggests a scope of approximately 1200 years, and the rise and fall of each empire is explained. A publisher's disclaimer also cautions that the ancients did not have newspapers (of course, they didn't even have paper!), but if they had, "they would have been reading...." Here's a slide show of the various titles

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