Monday, August 15, 2005

My Old School: Steely Dan

Here's all the les school building images I have combined with a Steely Dan sound track. The size is small to hold download time to a minimum. My Steely Dan appreciation is about is close as I get to being "with it" musically. Interesting trivia I discovered. My Old School was written about their days at Bard College. Fagen is exactly two days younger than me."Donald Fagen is born in Passaic, New Jersey on January 10, 1948. Walter Becker is born in New York City on February 20, 1950. They both grew up as disaffected suburban youths, going to school in the daytime and listening to the music of their idols Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane at night. They both feel an affinity with the "Jazz Life." Donald Fagen meets Walter Becker at Bard College in Annandale-On Hudson, New York in 1967. Fagen, a piano player, hears someone playing blues guitar in a student lounge and decides he must introduce himself. He discovers Becker playing a red Epiphone guitar and finds that they share the same interests in music and ironic senses of humor. A partnership is born.They form several college bands including "The Leather Canary" (which fellow Bard student Chevy Chase sat in with a couple of times) and "The Don Fagen Trio." Fagen and Becker also start to write songs together. Fagen graduates Bard in 1969 with an English degree. Becker also leaves Annandale. The two of them move to Brooklyn, New York and decide to peddle their songs at the famous Brill Building in Manhattan."

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