Monday, August 15, 2005

Synagogue Confusion

There were so many synagogues on the LES in the early 1900's that it is easy to be confused, doubly so if you are not religious. Something didn't look right in the Times' photo of Sunday that accompanied the article on the new NYC old book collection. The Roumanian Synagogue on Rivington didn't have such a low number address. The picture really displayed the 1886 Erste Warshawer Synagogue on Rivington Street. "The synagogue that once served as a house of worship for George and Ira Gershwin, Samuel Goldwyn and Jacob Javits. Purchased in 1972, it has been transformed by artist Hale Gurland into studio and living space." Read more about this space here. This definitely was the synagogue of choice for the PS 20 kids of the time (It was diagonally across the street) According to this information, could Samuel Goldwyn have attended 20?

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