Sunday, August 14, 2005

Usborne's Historical Newspapers

Mentioned previously, I finally got around to finding the titles. They are: Stone Age Sentinel, Egyptian Echo, Medieval Messenger, Greek Gazette and The Roman Record. All have stories relevant to home life. Here's a review of the Gazette:Reviewer:Diana Ott "dianaott" (Ballwin, MO USA)This book is part of a fabulous series that puts ancient history in an entirely different perspective -- it is written like a modern newspaper, only presented as though it is written during the time of ancient Greece (or Rome, Egypt, etc.) Though the humor is lively and intelligent (great inside jokes for serious history students), the humor is never at the expense of historical accuracy -- these books are actually good background material for the study of ancient cultures. If you are fond of Ancient Greece, you MUST read this book. Here's a slide show showing what they look like

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Anonymous said...

The idea of the daily goings-on of an ancient town being placed into the context of a newspaper is very, very fascinating.

I think my favorite has to be the Medieval Messenger.