Monday, August 22, 2005

The House I Live In: Scholastic First Discovery Books

The image attached is for the pyramid book, but the slide show found here is about the first homes' book. Here's a review of the animal homes' book: Among the most popular subjects in preschool curriculum, animals and nature come to life in this sturdy board book that allows even 2-year-olds to "look ˇit-up." With die-cut pictorial tabs along the right-hand margin, children can point to the picture of an animal or object of interest to them, then turn to that spread and find out interesting facts through easy-to-understand captions and stunning, photo-realistic paintings. Part of the "First Discovery Look-It-Up" series, this sturdy, tabbed board book examines animal homes. It opens with a cut-away view of a rabbit burrow and explains what rabbits eat and that a mother can have a rather large brood of babies in her burrow. Many birds build nests and frequently line them with soft material to protect the eggs--moss and feathers are two of the examples cited. Other animals featured are ants, squirrels, polar bears, beavers and turtles, most of which will be familiar to young children eager to learn facts and take a closer look at the way these animals live and raise their families. The books in the series have a look and feel of the DK style--bright white pages, crisp images and a lucid text with facts, but not so much that it overwhelms the new readers. BTW, there's nothing wrong for an animal homes' study for lower grades-it's part of scope and sequence for science as well as social studies.

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