Thursday, August 11, 2005

The House I Live In: Houses Around The World

Here's a great title for lower grades. There are similar books by the same author (Ann Morris) on families, bread, shoes, etc. The publisher is Harper Trophy. From Amazon: Kindergarten-Grade 3 A striking photographic survey of housing around the world that will be a real eyeopener for many children. The lush, full-color photos, one to two per page, tell the real story, conveying nearly as much about those who live in these ?- homes as they do about the dwellings themselves. Text is spare, delineating categories to unify the photo groupings (``Build your house with . . . wood or stone or straw or mud or anything at all. Weave it nail it tie it with rope.'') rather than describing the houses. That's done in the index, which is comprised of a miniature of each photo, an identification of the country in which it was taken, and a brief description. A black-and-white map is appended with each location clearly labeled. This is a solid addition for collections that support social studies or multicultural units, but would be equally fascinating to browsers throughout the age group. --Denise L. Moll, Lone Pine Elementary School, West Bloomfield, MI Here's a slide show of the first few pages Thanks DV for scanning.

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