Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The House I Live In: The Little House On The Prairie

How could we forget this obvious house source of material? It comes fully loaded with a series of children's books, videos of the television series and made for tv movies and numerous web sites. This slide show is made from images from two cited web sites.


Anonymous said...

Michael Landon's real name was Eugene Horowitz.


Anonymous said...

Not officially, his mother wasn't Jewish.
The son of a Jewish movie-publicist father and an Irish Catholic musical-comedy actress, Michael Landon grew up in a predominantly Protestant New Jersey neighborhood. The social pressures brought to bear on young Michael, both at home and in the schoolyard, led to an acute bedwetting problem, which he would later dramatize (very discreetly) in the 1976 TV movie The Loneliest Runner.

Jacob Goldberg

Anonymous said...

If he was truly Jewish would he have Highway to Heaven?


Anonymous said...

melissa gilbert is jewish.

Meyer Lansky

Anonymous said...

Her sister sara (from Roseanne) is a lesbian.
I'm not, but I was Jewish.

Dutch Schultz