Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The House I LIve In: If I Lived Books

We must have bought a 1000 of these for American Gateways. Ann McGovern is good, but the illustrator, Anna Divito was the one that made this one of the better If I lived books. From the Publisher: A different time...A different place...What if you were there? If you lived 100 years ago --what kind of clothes would you wear? --what would you do for fun? --what would your school be like? --would you have a refrigerator or television? Life in the United States was very different in the year 1900. Find out what it was like to grow up in New York, then the largest city in the country. If You Lived 100 Years Ago is one of the evocative and entertaining installments in the popular If You Lived... series of books. Here's one of the first slide shows I ever did, It was when I was young and had more breath, but with a more basic voice recorder. This one is 6.3MB, one of the longer downloads. If you hold down on the link and wait for "the download to disk" (Mac) or "save target as" (Win) option you will be able to download faster than just clicking on the link.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, David.

Thank you for the flattering comment and lovely slide show featuring my illustration.

Anna DiVito