Tuesday, August 09, 2005

American Memory Map Collection: 1900 Manhattan Map

This map is an amazing recreation of turn of the century Manhattan. I believe it was created for the Chicago World exposition of 1896. It is uncredited on the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress (search for Manhattan maps). In Manhattan in Maps 1527-1995 by Paul E. Cohen, Robert T. Augustyn, it is called the Galt Hoy Map. The artist, William Taylor, did a pretty good job of providing a facsimile of what the buildings looked like. On the top of the buildings that were schools, the number of the school is written. Here we get another view of what the 239 E. 7th Street neighborhood looks like. I know that in the 1930's the building on the corner of 7th and C was a bank and is included in Bereniece Abbott's amazing photo collection.

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