Friday, August 05, 2005

1921 Real Estate Map

Here's an interesting map that I made some notations on. Eva Ferman was my mother. It's a coincidence that she lived in a house (on the ground floor) whose backyard now faces my friend's Pearl's house. My mother worked for a while as a teenager in the school library of Mary Help of Christians, which is across Ave. A on 11th Street. Pearl is a congregant of that church now. My mother also went to the old JHS 60 on that block. When she married in 1944 she moved to 76 Suffolk Street. The Tompkins Square Library is where my grandfather, Louis Ferman, hid out to read instead of going to work. BTW, the great preK teacher Chantel Lindh of PS20 was instrumental in getting Charlie Parker's old residence on Avenue B landmarked. If you don't know who Charlie Parker was then I don't want to know you. Rocky Graziano was at one time the middleweight champ. A really good movie of his life was made starring Paul Newman. It's called, "Somebody Up There Likes Me." That area of the LES, (10-14th St, between A and 2nd Ave.) was largely Italian. Lucky Luciano grew up around there
and might have attended the old PS19. Rocky used to hang around the social club that my father belonged to on St. Mark's Place. He also would play cards with Dr. G's father.

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