Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NYC Native American Homes-Algonquin

The image comes from Patrick Reynold's "Big Apple Almanac." Researching Native Americans of the NYC area is confusing. Some of the tribes come from The Delaware grouping from the South and some from the Algonquin from the north. Here's a slide show with "housing" images and noted web resources.Here's some NYC Native American History-Part 1 (source :"For thousands of years, the Algonquin Indians, comprising approximately one hundred (100) different tribes, lived between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean and from Tennessee to Canada. Among the more famous Algonquin tribes living in the New York area were the Delaware and the Mohicans. Long Island contained thirteen (13) small tribes which were part of the Delaware people. The tribes included the Canarsee, Rockaway, Merrick, Massapequa, Secateg, Unkechag, Shinneconk, Montack, Manhanset, Corchaug, Setauket, Nissequong, and Matinecock.
Approximately six hundred (600) years ago, the Iroquois, a savage war-like nation, began to move into this territory and conquered the more peaceful Algonquin nation. At first, the Iroquois Nation or Confederacy, which was created by the famous legendary Indian, Hiawatha, consisted of five (5) tribes: the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onadaga, and Seneca. Hiawatha's purpose was to unite the Indians for peace among the Iroquois and for self-defense against other tribes. This famous Indian was immortalized by the poet William Wadsworth Longfellow.
The Algonquin Indians were different from their more aggressive neighbors. They lived in wigwams which were round huts made from bent sticks. For protection, their village consisted of several wigwams which were surrounded by large poles that formed a stockade. In order to obtain food, the Algonquin was more of a hunter of animals than a farmer. They especially hunted deer, using the skins for clothes. They did, however, plant corn to supplement their diets.The Indians of this region wore a breechcloth, leggings, a robe, and moccasins. They were extremely proud of their thick long black hair and let it grow long, combing it with fat to give it a shiny look. Women let their hair hang down their backs to their waists. The men who were not warriors also let their hair hang in the same fashion. The warriors however, either cut their hair off completely or combed it in an "Algonquin Roach." This was a short narrow strip of hair going down the center of the head from the front to the back of the neck. The Sides of the head were completely shaved."

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