Wednesday, August 10, 2005

History Through School Plaques

The school plaques located in every school building provide some interesting information. PS97 on Mangin Street now houses Bard College High School. I wonder what all of those Board of Education members did? Dig those names: John Whalen, Joseph Cosgrove, Cornelius Sullivan, Egerton L. Winthrop, Arthur S. Somers, George W. Wingate. Somers and Wingate got schools in Brooklyn named after them. Wasn't Cosgrove a character on "My Little Margie?" No, wait, that was Mr. Conklin and he was on
"Our Miss Brooks." Another "school board member," Mr. Honeywell was on "My Little Margie." Here's a slide show of some LES school plaques.

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David J. Priever said...

David, EVERYTHING you put into this blog goes beyond phenomenal. It was always obvious you know your LES History from our many chats at our school (P.S. 20), but now I am convinced and very impressed. I look forward to future LES discussions. DJP