Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Harry Golden 2

I finally got a chance to scan part of Harry's book. Here's the section where he mentioned the Little Hungary restaurant on Houston Street. His reference is within the context, "Where were you when.........some important event happened" For him it was the assassinatiion of Archduke Ferdinand and the subsequent start of World War I. For my parents, I guess it was Pearl Harbor. For my generation I think it was "Where were you when you heard that Kennedy was shot?" I remember being dismissed early from Stuyvesant in my senior year. It was the Friday before the big Stuyvesant vs. Clinton football game and there had been a rally in the auditorium. For the current generation it has to be 9/11. BTW the last slide has an excerpt from a different book entitled, "Matinee Tomorrow" that recalls a 1910 New Year's Eve party at Little Hungary. Sounds like it was a pretty fancy place.


Anonymous said...

Were you at Stuyvesant with Dr. Paul Ringel?

Dr. Loughran

David Bellel said...

No, he didn't pass the test to get in?

Anonymous said...

What about Ron Silver?

Sheldon Silver

Anonymous said...

Ron was there campaigning for Barry Goldwater.

Ivan Kushner