Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another Village: Greenwich

This feels like an association game. Greenwich Village could be New York's favorite neighborhood for architecture and history and a major source for "home." It comes backed by a wealth of resources. It was a favorite backdrop for the aschcan artists, (John Sloan,above, for one), for writers and for film. The Age of Innocence gives us a great view of period interiors. Barry Lewis and David Hartman have partnered in the wonderful "A Walk Through Series." Here are the titles and info on their availability: A Walk Across 42nd Street, A Walk Up Broadway, A Walk Around Harlem, A Walk Around Brooklyn, A Walk in Greenwich Village, A Walk Through Central Park, A Walk Through Newark, A Walk Through Hoboken, A Walk Through Queens. The Channel Thirteen Hartman/Lewis series of videos listed are available individually, for about $20 each + tax + shipping, by contacting 800.336.1917 (Thirteen's video ordering department). You might have to ask the 800 operator to scroll down the entire video list because the Hartman/Lewis videos are quixotically listed under different titles. DVD versions of Broadway, Harlem, Brooklyn, Greenwich Village and Central Park should be out by December, 2005. Here's a clip from the Greenwich Village video in which Lewis discusses "back tenements." Here's a second portion of that clip.

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