Thursday, August 04, 2005

7th Street, 1870

I had the pleasure to speak to Katharine Greider today, the author of last Sunday Times' article entitled, "House Interrupted." She is indeed the daughter of William Greider: "the preeminent American writer on the impact of economic and politics on society" Harvard Business Review. Mr. Greider is a regular contributor to the Nation. His last three books are: The Soul of Capitalism, Secrets of the Temple, (about the Federal Reserve) and Who Will Tell the People. Hopefully Katharine might post some comments here instead of the usual cast of characters and jokesters like Yonnah Shimmel, Sam Zilberzweig and Chayim Yonkel or those with profane interests like the Anna Silver custodial staff; Frank, Israel, Ramon and John. Here I modified a LES map from 1870 (American Memory Map Collection, Library of Congress) to give some more context to the neighborhood of the "ghosts" of 7th Street. This one clearly shows how prominent shipping was at the time along with the supporting industry near the East River smoking away.

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