Friday, July 07, 2006

The Fabulous Kuperstein Boys-Part 2

Evidently over the years Marvin had been telling his wife tales of his great athletic prowess. When Laura had the chance she wanted to get some verification. I came through for the old guy telling about how Marvin was the fastest runner of our crowd and about the memorable time he toughed out the broken arm he suffered during our ill-fated attempt to play tackle football. Marvin also successfully stood up to the bully of our friends, Robert Simmons and during our reminiscing he reminded me of the time he took over playing first base in a game of punchball against some of our goyischa tormentors. Stephen Leibowitz was playing first originally and everytime someone rounded the bag they would "accidentally" drill poor Steven with a flying elbow or such. Marvin volunteered to take over the bag and the "kid of steel" wound up giving worse then the goyim gave and soon the antics stopped. Here's the story I told Laura

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