Friday, November 02, 2007

White Candidates Can't Dance

I could have made 100 posts in October (I had already surpassed an August 06 high of 88) but I didn't want to do it using "fluff" like this. Actually it isn't easy to first find such blog-worthy material and then go through the tedious steps to conversion, but then again there's no original input from me. It is however funny and part of one of the million of so threads going on here. Back to the posting records thread, what does that "Speak to?"-the idle time I have to do it? As it is, my blogging should be monitored more closely. I found a page from something I wrote last year in the "evidence" file in a precinct encounter I had yesterday. Maybe someday I'll share that, but probably in the far distant future. Let's just say it wasn't pleasant, I survived and I'm free. My thanks to Marty, Ida and Norm for their advice and support.

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