Friday, November 02, 2007

Monster Mash

I was very honored that two different versions of my Diane Ravitch "million dollar baby" graphic was used by two of the most respected education blogs in New York City,
norm scott's ednotes and the nycpublicschool parents blog but a rising newcomer to the ranks is the blog of eduwonkette whose photoshop satirical skills puts mine to shame. She had a great Halloween feature called the Halloween Edu-Parade.
Lots of inside humor, but some most of us can understand. I used many of those images
for a monster mash video (they are at the beginning with the pink background)Apologies for a duplicate Russo image. BTW here's another Halloween parade with politicos from truthdig


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you *ought* to apologize for duplicate Russos. Otherwise, nice work!

loonyhiker said...

Eduwonkette sent me here to see this and it was awesome! I enjoyed this all the way here in South Carolina!