Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi Hi Steverino

The posting about Old Jewish comedians and Herbie Faye transitioned to this. Steve Allen's (he wasn't Jewish) show was so good and so far ahead of it's time. It was favorite in my household (we never watched Ed Sullivan, which was on opposite Steve for a while). So many of his ideas and skits have been recycled by today's comedians and sit-coms. It's so sad that hardly any of his remarkable ensemble; Louis Nye, Tom Poston, Gabe Dell, Bill Dana, Dayton Allen, Don Knotts, Pat Harrington, etc. are alive today. I just saw Louis Nye, funny as ever in his 90's, on a Curb Your Enthusiasm filmed in 2005. He died shortly after. The above clip makes fun of the 50's beatniks. That's something you would never see on Ed Sullivan.
a description:
Tom Poston MC's as Steve & the Gang play Bopper Hipster Musician Cats(complete with Dizzy Gillespie Beret's & Goatee's)Steve plays wrong way tuba or Sousa-phone,Louie Nye Plays Water with sink objects,Don Knotts-Snare Drum Flute,& Pat Harrington Jr.plays lawrence Well-ga(Welk)Champagne Bottle Trumpet,& "built in" Accordion. (less)

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