Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old Jewish Comedians

I was looking for a picture of Herbie Faye (Fender from Bilko). He was born in NYC in 1899. I had found and photographed the building where he lived in Sunnyside, Queens in 1930. It's part of my "Houses of Famous People Who Lived In Queens" Google Map. (Tony Bennett, W.C. Fields, James J. Corbett, Phil Rizzuto, Judy Holiday, the Marx Brothers, etc.) That's different from my Queens Jazz Map. The search led me Drew Friedman's website. He's an incredible artist whose has a new book of sketches of Old Jewish Comedians. I found some of those sketches and added other images of great old time comedians (not all Jewish). I matched them with a portion of a podcast he did on get illuminated . Here's a link to the book on Amazon

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