Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Smiles On A Summer Night

The curse of the "spec" house in Lake Carmel. Worrying that the garden was dying and knowing that necessary materials were needed I made the trek upstate yesterday in the 100+ heat. The wife gave me the wrong key to boot. But we are not about blame here. I found myself with a dead battery in the middle of the boondocks at 10:30PM. Triple A to the rescue. At least the Yanks won. Brian Cashman for President I say. Interesting thing about Bergman-in my young, nebishy "heterosexual by anticipation" adulthood I would drag my pals Hirsch and Stein to see art films at the Bleecker Street Cinema. That's about as close to cool that we could be. They didn't mind if it was a Marx Bros or Michael Curtiz (Errol Flynn) retrospective but Bergman and Truffeaut didn't go over too well. I pretended I understood it all. (actually, I did understand Truffeaut) I think that's where pseudo-intellectualism got its start.


Anonymous said...

why don't you mention the fact that you left your lights on and that's what caused a dead battery?

your loving wife

David Bellel said...

but we are not about blame here