Thursday, September 27, 2007

Using Movie Transcripts

Many movies have free downloadable scripts. It would be a pretty good literacy link for many topics. My favorite of WW2 vintage is
"A Walk In The Sun." It's not available, but "Saving Private Ryan" is. I found it on drew's script o rama Other movie script sites are simplescripts and there is also the dailyscript
Here's an excerpt from the opening of the movie:
Pushes through the men. Puts himself
in front of DeLancey.

The figure is CAPTAIN JOHN MILLER. Early thirties. By far
the oldest man on the craft. Relaxed, battle-hardened,
powerful, ignoring the hell around them. He smiles, puts a
cigar in his mouth, strikes a match on the front of DeLancey's
helmet and lights the cigar.

DeLancey tries to look away but Miller grips him by the jaw
and forces him to lock eyes. Miller smiles. DeLancey is

Delancey Captain, are we all gonna die?

Miller Hell no, two-thirds, tops.

Delancey Oh, Jesus...

Miller I want every one of you to look at the man on your
left. Now look at the man on your right. Feel sorry for
those to sons-of-bitches, they're going to get it, you're
not going to get a scratch. A few, including DeLancey, manage
thin smiles. Miller releases his grip on DeLancey who moves
his jaw as if to see if it's broken. Miller pats him on the
cheek and moves on to the bow.

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