Sunday, September 23, 2007

Phil Rizzuto Tribute: Part 1

During my blog hiatus I was "google mapping." One idea I had was to trace the path of the late great Scooter's life. I read up on Phil and drove out to the areas of Brooklyn and Queens where he grew up to photograph them. This was shortly after he passed away this August. They were areas that I was unfamiliar with; Bushwick, Ridgewood, Cypress Hills and Glendale. It was fascinating. Towards the beginning of the video you will see these incredible mansions that I learned were once built by German beer barons in the early 1900's. I even found the house that Phil's family finally settled in and lived in until about ten years ago.Phil, of course when married, lived in New Jersey. I spoke to neighbors who freely told me fond stories of their Scooter remembrances. I strung together the images I took and added part of Scooter's Hall of Fame acceptance speech as a background. It was on youtube and a very popular movie but since it's no longer there I figured I'd give it a "home" here.

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