Monday, September 24, 2007

Give It Back To the Indians

I did this last year for colonial history of New York and for Columbus Day and never posted it. My how things have changed. Last year I was so pissed at A-Rod for his failures in the clutch (thus Give him back...) Now the guy is a champ.
Old Peter Minuet had nothing to lose when he bought the isle of Manhattan
For twenty-six dollars and a bottle of booze and they threw in the Bronx and Staten
Pete thought that he had the best of the bargain but the poor red man just grinned,
And he grunted "ugh!" meaning okay in his jargon for he knew poor Pete was skinned.
We've tried to run the city....but the city ran away...
And now Peter Minuet We can't continue it...Broadway's turning into Coney,
Champagne Charlie's drinking gin, Old New York is new and phony
Give it back to the Indians! Two cents more to smoke a Lucky,
Dodging busses keep you thin,Now New York is simply ducky,
Give it back to the Indians! Take all the reds, on the boxes made for soap
Whites on Fifth Avenue Blues down in Wall Street losing hope..
Big bargain today...Chief take it away! Come you busted city slickers,
Better take it on the chin. Father Nick has lost his knickers Give it back to the Indians!
When I posted this (without the movie version) last year I didn't know that "reds" referred to communists speaking on soapboxes in the 1930's and whites referred to Klan members. Blue, of course, referred to Wall Street financiers

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