Sunday, September 30, 2007

Google Earth Slide Shows

I didn't know until recently how to export a google map into google earth. It is all done with the "KML" tool on the google map page. This creates a file that takes you right into google earth and places your map, even if it is just one marker into the temporary places folder. From there you can share your file with the google earth community. The end result is the placement of your map in one of several category folders. I'm still learning my way around with all this. I believe my Sacramento map can be located with this link
Once successfully posted a kmz file is created that allows you to make it part of "your" spaces in Google Earth. Google Earth is great but it is a memory hog since you have to run a separate, memory intensive, application. There is a slide show tour feature that will take you from place mark to place mark if you create a map with several sites. The above movie was a
screen capture of the movie of my Sacramento tour.

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