Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Google Maps: New York Goes to War

Based on the wliw/wnet documentary to accompany Ken Burns' "The War" A map highlighting the New York experiences of the veterans whose lives were portrayed. They are Paul Canin, Theresa Rachieli, William McBurney, Paul and Gloria Medina, Greta Zimmer and Philip Wood. Included are their home locations, job sites, regiment armories, favorite eateries,'s a link to my google map on ny war stories


julie cohen said...

Hi David -
I'm Julie Cohen, the producer of this ny public television documentary. This is a cool map, i'm impressed that you were able to figure out all this info. Just want to clarify that the name of the documentary featuring these characters is actually "New York Goes to War." The other documentary "New York War Stories," produced to go along with the Burns film, is based on letters and videos submitted by members of channel 21 and channel 13.


David Bellel said...

thank you. It has been corrected