Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scata Nafas Quality Review

I got this email from a close associate who wishes to remain anonymous: "The school that I work in is having its quality review in two weeks. This Thursday and Friday the 3rd and 4th grade classes were being revolved from the schoolyard to the auditorium to watch movies because the teachers were basically given the day off to work on sprucing up their kids' portfolios! Incredible! This is in addition to the many days that the school relies on this technique because they don't have enough subs to cover the teachers that go to "training" at Columbia. This is an empowerment zone school with a leadership academy principal, who btw spent two days last week plus the weekend (with one of the ap's) in Las Vegas attending a complimentary training session sponsored by Renaissance Learning. There's no paper in the school, teachers buy their own, yet the principal spent around $5000 to hire a consultant to help her prepare for the review."

yes. I've heard about these quality reviews all done by British consultants. Are they being hired because we don't know enough about education in America or is it a pay back to lower unepmployment for Tony Blair for his support in Iraq?.Schools have been jumping through hoops to prepare for them, taking away valuable learning time from the kids.

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