Thursday, March 01, 2007

How Little We Know, How Much To Discover

Melissa made a really great book to culminate the unit on non-fiction. She called it "Did You Know." "Did you get the idea from the Teacher's College Staff Developer?" I asked. "Of course not," was the reply. Over the last three years and being in many schools I can count on one finger the number of TC people that have gotten favorable reviews from teachers in the trenches.
Here's Meliss'a class book youtubed. I was looking around for an appropriate accompaniment. Now T.I's "What You Know About That" would have fit, but forget about the lyrics. I chose Sinatra's "How Little We Know"

How little we know
How much to discover
What chemical forces flow
From lover to lover
How little we understand - what touches of that tingle
That sudden explosion - when two tingles intermingle
Who cares to define
What chemistry this is
Who cares with your lips on mine
How ignorant bliss is
So long as you kiss me - (and) the world around us shatters
How little it matters - how little we know
(How little we know, how little we know,...)
Here's a closer look at one of the entries

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