Wednesday, July 08, 2009

School Turf War Fuels Protest In Harlem: AKA The Taking OF PS 123

School Turf War Fuels Protest In Harlem
A turf war between a Harlem public school and a charter school reached a boiling point Tuesday after the charter school brought in movers.
Outraged parents and students from PS 123 say Harlem Success Academy began removing furniture, books and teachers' belongings without their knowledge.
A spokesperson for the academy says there was an agreement for the expanding charter school to begin moving in.
"There needs to be a different approach. You can't bogart, you can't butch kids, you can't just come over and take over the space just because there is a need," said City Councilman Robert Jackson.
"We will be sharing the school and we need to work together," said Harlem Success Academy teacher Danique Dayloving. "When I walk to school I see kids from 123 and I see kids from Harlem Success Academy. We all live in the same neighborhood. So we all work together and I hope we continue to work together."
The Department of Education plans to downsize PS 123 by seven classrooms to make room for the charter school.

I happened to be there. Just to show you the bias of the media, 99% of the story was the protest and the view of the school being "bogarted" yet ny1 had the need to include Danique Dayloving. Quite a name!

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