Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mike's Stringers: The Full Cast Recording

Marty Markowitz of Brooklyn appointed his chief of staff Carlo Scissura
Scott Stringer of Manhattan appointed his general counsel Jimmy Yan
James Molinaro of Staten Island appointed his first deputy borough president Edward Burke
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall appointed Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. appointed Dolores Fernandez, the former president of Hostos Community College
Deputy Mayors Edward Skyler and Patricia Harris were appointed by the mayor.

from nycedutionnews
.....Most shocking to many of those watching was the way in a resolution introduced by Carlos Scissura, the Brooklyn representative, the new board voted not only to re-appoint Klein with no end date to the contract, (unless they held a new vote to remove him) , but also to sign away all their decision-making and oversight authority to him. They even gave the Chancellor the unlimited authority to unilaterally approve contracts of any amount, including no-bid contracts, with no oversight or no approval process required.

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