Sunday, July 19, 2009

Politicians With Cahones

from classizematters
On Thursday night, the NY State Senate brought S5576, the Better Schools Act
to the floor, which would create moderate curbs on the Mayor's dictatorial
control, including set terms for PEP members and one less than a mayoral
majority on the board.
The legislation was defeated, 15-40, mostly because of upstate, suburban and
Republican opposition, while two thirds of the Democratic NYC Senators voted
for it. Then they called a recess and went home.
The names of the 14 NYC Senators who voted for the bill are below:
Adams, Eric
Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr
Diaz, Ruben
Duane, Thomas
Espada, Pedro, Jr.
Hassell-Thompson, Ruth
Huntley, Shirley L.
Kruger, Carl
Monserrate, Hiram
Montgomery, Velmanette
Parker, Kevin S.
Perkins, Bill
Sampson, John L.
Stavisky, Toby Ann

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