Thursday, July 02, 2009

He's Got The Board On A String

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The mayor congratulated the board and the borough presidents for their actions today, but said the State Senate needs to take urgent action to renew mayoral control.
"The Senate has through its inactions handed our city a current governing structure not too dissimilar from the governing structure of the Senate, one made up of multiple and conflicting lines of authority, certainly the flaw of gridlock," said the mayor. "The temporary school board has attempted to sidestep all those consequences. But as prudent as its actions today have been, bear this in mind. These are band-aids, not solutions.”
Borough Presidents Helen Marshall of Queens, Marty Markowitz of Brooklyn and Ruben Diaz Jr. of the Bronx echoed the mayor's sentiments, saying that mayoral control should be preserved.
"This was a place where none of is wanted to be," said Diaz.
“This is the continuation of mayoral control within the confines of the reality of constituting a new Board of Education. That is the lens that we’re looking at,” said Stringer.

I think Stringer's lens is brown

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