Thursday, July 09, 2009

Be A Clown

I just love this excerpt from Barrett's article from the previous post
Carlo Scissura, Brooklyn's new member, quickly proved himself the comedic equal of the man who appointed him, Markowitz, who loves to preen around in a blue and gold boxing robe to celebrate his borough's official colors. Scissura, who is also Markowitz's chief, actually declared: "This board is not a rubber stamp." Scissura's last public school position was as a member of a community school board under the old system -- a post he was thrown out of by the prior chancellor, Harold Levy, when he failed to show up for an educational seminar all members were required to attend. When Scissura ran for city council in 2001 he falsely claimed in his campaign literature that he was a board member when he'd been out of office for months.

I should have made Marty's nose brown to go with my version of "Be A Clown"
Be a clown and love to brown
That's the way to get down
Act a fool, on Mike's behalf
Let the King choose the staff
Wear the chain, fight the smells
And you'll rate with all the great swells

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