Sunday, April 16, 2006

With Marco Polo You're Flying Solo In A Clouded Porto (l)

There are no teaching treasures in Marco Polo, especially in regard to the much publicized learning portal supported by the NYSED in conjunction with the UFTTC.
Every tech conference I go to or hear about there is the ubiquitous presence of the lame team of polo schlomo presenters. Someone is reaping the real treasures with this enterprise, but it's not us infantrymen. If you go to this portal you are immediately confronted with a barrage of boring text linking to text laden links. What's the difference between this and reading a lifeless college course book? Where's Spartacus when you need him?
Here's a portion of a recording I made while teaching podcasting to some regional compatriots who have just been exposed to such crap. Notice how judicious Christian is. And btw I feel in many instances it's not the fault of the conference organizers, who are probably pressured politically into utilizing these tech hacks.

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Anonymous said...

You omitted the insightful piece concerning the wives of Yankee players.