Sunday, April 09, 2006

Talie Synchronicity: Part 2

Izzy Talie (here spelled Taly) was one of my father's and my Uncle Hy's best friends. He was also a favorite of mine and my cousins' because every Hanukkah, celebrated at 765 FDR Drive, he would bring us really great gifts. Talie never married and always had different, usually Hispanic girlfriends. He still has one, over 25 years his junior, even at age 85. He drove a sporty Pontiac and knew how to fix cars and other mechanical devices- an awe inspiring skill to a Jewish kid. He was truly the Fonz, before the Fonz ever existed. When I found Talie's card among the dumpster mix I was floored. I had been meaning to get together with Talie for a while. When my father died about three years ago I called him. It took some doing to track him down. He felt bad that he wasn't at the funeral and I felt guilty I hadn't been more determined in finding him. Little did I know that the opportunity to call him would come under sad circumstances, the death of my Uncle Hy.

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