Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bill's Melancholy Is On The Job

Broken Flowers, another fine movie with my depressed soulmate Bill Murray. I just caught up to it on DVD. It also provides for a minor mystery. While Bill is sleuthing to find out whether he has a son he didn't know about, the music of Ethiopian jazz artist Mulatu Astatke provides a haunting accompaniment. But wait, I heard that song before. It sounds like "Song For My Father" by Horace Silver. My sleuthing has Horace composing in 1963 and Astatke in the late 60's. But both tunes are inspired by Ethiopian folk music. It's not like the mystery of 9-11, but interesting. A review from the Filthy Critic of Broken Flowers is also interesting. Here's an excerpt: "Broken Flowers isn't likely to appeal to kids, unless they are like I was at nine, pining away for what could have been at eight. I didn't start smoking unfiltered Camels until I was nearly ten, and it wasn't until I learned that my father took down a full pack of Lucky Strikes every day at eight that I understood the melancholy of missed opportunity. That I didn't black out after eating shoe polish until was nineteen never bothered me until I heard about three kids who would smoke anything--I mean anything--at sixteen. They had already smoked a tennis show when I was still in diapers." Here's a link to the full review. Check out his other reviews, They're good and hell of a lot better than schlockmeisters like Rex Reed

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