Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Philosophical Question

On a day of theological importance: Is it possible to find something good in something bad? I really like the way the kids get to talk about, edit and share their work with classmates with the workshop approach. The celebrations are really nice events, it's just they take on such a false aspect when they are forcibly scheduled and teachers live in fear as to whether they are on task with them. Here's a celebration with 4th graders (in official ipod video form) that I just wandered upon. I asked the teacher which child would be a good representative for an interview and she chose wisely. I had never met the young girl in question, yet she was so poised and confident and notice how she just jumped in when I started fumferring. When I later played this for the principal she was so moved that she called the child's mother to praise her accomplishments. This is how podcasts can be used well

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