Thursday, April 20, 2006

Desperate Mission

from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, Burl Burlingame: "I knew Joe Kubert had been around forever, but I didn't know he was that old. Nearly 80, he's been in the comics business for more than 60 years. Kubert is more than a master artist -- more on that later -- and he's also noted for two things in the industry: forming the first professional school of comic artists and being the jack-of-all-trades behind the most successful war comic of all time, "Sgt. Rock of Easy Company." And so, when a brand-new "Sgt. Rock" hits comic book stores that is both illustrated and written by Kubert, it's both wonderful and comfortable at the same time." Here's the rest of the article.
I've been trying to promote the use of comic books, comic book sites, graphics on the web and graphic novels as motivating tools and content in the teaching of history and literacy. One simple trick I use in PhotoShop is removing the original captions and have the kids write their own. I haven't influenced many people from my small "corner of the sky," but I keep trying. I've actually begun to see some book publishers producing such versions. Rosen Publishing, for one, did a Harriet Tubman title. Graphic novels are big sellers, I just can't figure out the appeal of the Japanese doe eyed characters. Anyway back "on task", I was this anticipating this spring using Maus with a 6th grade teacher who was the daughter of Holocaust survivors, but that was before a Region 9 LIS Nazi did me in. Moving on, Joe Kubert is terrific-he also has his own holocaust graphic novel called "Yossel" which ranks high with Maus. I read about the Prophecy series above and have purchased the 3 comics published so far. They excitingly combine both World War II history as well as Holocaust history, both late term 6th and 8th grade topics. Here's a slide show of the first book.

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