Monday, April 17, 2006

Harlem Rebellion

This real scene is a backdrop for a critical scene in Striver's Row. It's amazing how bottled up anger can surface amidst the calm so quickly and violently. But then again even with all the yuppification in Harlem recently
there was that recent horrible incident of 13 year old kids (one was a recent transferee to the school I'm in) chasing an NYU student to his death. And there's more of that, it's only that we hear about it more in the mainstream media when it involves a white NYU student. Here's an excerpt about a neighboring jhs: "Winston Riley was named interim acting principal of Intermediate School 172 after Curtis Andrews was bounced as head of the school amid criminal charges reported by the Daily News. Andrews took over the school last Thursday but was stripped of the post after it was revealed he's under indictment for allegedly fleecing a Philadelphia charter school of $200,000. "I'll be vindicated when the time comes," Andrews vowed yesterday. For now, though, Riley will run IS 172, which has gone through four principals in four years and is considered so unsafe that Teach for America pulled its recruits."

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